Today you took 22,000 breaths. Now we have you concisely thinking about them. Did you think about what made that possible? Our partnership with onetreeplanted® non-profit allows us to make an impact on your behalf. We guarantee a one-for-one model which is simple, easy, and effective.

Elevation Athletics Reforestation
Elevation Athletics Reforestation


All reforestation efforts focus on the most affected Canadian provinces first. To know where help is needed most we factor in pollution, deforestation, flooding, & more. You purchase one product, we plant one tree on your behalf. It's honestly that simple. We update our tree counter regularly so be rest assured your purchase will add to the total impact we have made together since inception.


Why did we choose Canadian soil to plant our pines in? Well, because to us, local has always been our hallmark. Have questions about other green initiatives we actively participate in?

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Elevation Athletics Reforestation